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"It is quite possible to leave your home for a walk in the early morning air and return a different person – beguiled, enchanted."
Mary Ellen Chase (via starfetti)

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"Of course, you never really forget anyone, but you certainly release them. You stop allowing their history to have any meaning for you today. You let them change their haircut, let them move, let them fall in love again. And when you see this person you have let go, you realize that there is no reason to be sad. The person you knew exists somewhere, but you are separated by too much time to reach them again."
Chelsea Fagan, How We Let People Go (via 366quotes)

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sometimes dogs get embarrassed that someone saw them acting anything other than a majestic and stoic beast


tbh i just need a hug

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"One day you’re going to see her holding hands with someone who took your chance. She won’t even notice you because she’s too busy laughing with the stupid jokes he makes. And it will burn your heart seeing that beautiful smile on her face and realizing that you’re not the reason anymore. And then it will finally hit you: it was her, it was always her."
(via c-oquetry)

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